Arun Engineering

Arun Engineering was founded in 2013 with the aim of serving in the sphere of mechanical undertaking and project with the experience of 20 years by the staff who served the target industry for many years. Since the day of its foundation the company has succeeded in being one of the most important solution-maker partners of the clients by leading an accomplished project and moved its activities from mechanical undertaking to construction engineering and has become an engineering company which operates in both areas.
Arun Engineering which serves in a very large execution area is continuing its activities by taking on mechanical undertaking and project operations of business centers, hotels, villas, plazas, and stores. Arun Engineering is running project and execution activities in buildings, such as heating and cooling installation, air conditioning installation, fire alarm system installation, sanitary installation, waste water installation, solar energy systems, refining systems and many as such mechanical installation systems.

Our Mission

-Staying up to date constantly by following innovations and development in the sphere of engineering;
-Presenting the most appropriate alternative solutions to customers by determining the optimization between the initial investment cost and operating cost;
-Presenting customers a qualified service in accordance with their request working with the distinguished and accoutered staff;
-Delivering the work in time and in complete order by utilizing the method of timing and human resources effectively;
-Establishing installation infrastructure with high energy efficiency and which will not necessitate amendments for many coming years;
-Presenting clients the suitable budget by providing materials to be used in a construction site from the right places and right price.

Our Vision

Our foremost goal is to provide the most suitable alternative solutions in accordance with our customers’ wishes by following the ever-changing technological developments and applying them in our projects.